Tiger's Real Time Desktop Stock Ticker Pro 3.0

Many people like you must be looking for a Good Desktop widgets which can help them in their daily life. I am one of them. I do Stock trading everyday and for me keeping an eye on those stock is very important and I think for others who do trading everyday would also be interested to get the widget that can fulfill their need.

I tried searching on Google for a Good and small Desktop Stock widget which can be used to view any Stock Quote now whether that it a Indian or American or any other company stock listed in their different Stock Exchanges - I found few of them but all with some limitation.. Like one support only stocks which are listed in NSE/BSE/NASDQ. I didn't find any Ticker which can be use to view such a stocks listed in different - different stock exchanges.

So then at last, I decided to develop one such s Stock Ticker which can be use to see any Stocks listed anywhere in the world.

Google finance is a site where we can get worlds all stocks information but for that we have to open a site again and again which does not look good when you are seating in the office, and for this we should have a small ticker which can give you all minimal information about the Stocks.

I have tried my best to implement this Ticker.

From below two websites you can get the Live Stock Quote updated.
- ICICI Direct (this can be use for NSE/BSE India Exchange)
- Google Finance (this can be use for any Stock Exchange)
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