Tiger's Desktop Stock Ticker Pro 6.0

I have developed one more version of Stock Ticker where you can view more than one stocks details at the same time on same window.

It's main window looks like below when it is not started.

It has following menus.

In this Ticker you can view as many stocks information as you want. There is no restriction at all.

You can save your stock symbols as a file and later you can open the same which will save you to remember the Stock Symbol or to save you for searching them again.

To view the real time stock price from Google Finance site or from ICICI Direct site so that you don't have to remember stock symbols or no need to type in all stock code again. So File menu will help you to same stock symbol in a file.

Using Edit menu you can search stock symbols.When you select "Search Symbol" menu option you will see below small window.

On "Find Symbol" you just have to type name of the company and it will list you all related stock from Google Finance and ICICI Direct site which you will see in the next dialog box "Symbol(s) Search Result!!

There is one limitation on this search is that, it only displays NSE Stock symbols from ICICI Direct site. That means this "Tiger's Desktop Stock Ticker Pro 6.0" only displays NSE stock information from ICICI Direct site but from Google Finance we can see all stocks exchange stock information.

Using Ticker Menu you can start and stop ticker to display real time stock information. Once Ticker is started you cannot modify your stock list. To remove or add more Stock into the list you have to first stop Stock Ticker.

You have to Copy the symbol from search window and use it in the main window.

Symbol always show you real time information from Google Finance and ICICI Direct site. Soon you will find link from where you can download "Tiger's Desktop Stock Ticker Pro 6.0".

Tiger's Desktop Stock Ticker Pro 6.0 - It looks like above when it Started

I know you will like this Stock Ticker. Thanks!

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