QTP Utility To Monitor IE (Internet Explorer)

When you guys run any QTP Test script for any Web Application and what if you forgot to configure "Run Settings" of QTP (Quick Test Professional) shown in the below screen shot.

When we set this above option, it will open new Internet Explorer for your test script with specified URL Page and also we do specify "about:blank" if we just want to open IE with blank page at the start of test.

But now what if you forgot to specify this setting in your each QTP Scripts?

It happens many times with me and my friends with few automated QTP scripts when we have deadlines to complete Automation scripts. This is normal but when we run all those scripts in a batch mode, at the end of the Test Batch run we observed some of the failures due to "Internet Explorer Page didn't Open at the start of the Script". So we have to rerun those all failed scripts again which consume some time for running and analyzing the QTP script results.

To Solve this problem I have developed one small utility  Called MonitoringIE and this is how it looks like when we run it.

This utility, you have to call it at the start of each script when you want to open new IE.

Specialty of MonitoringIE is, it not just simply open the Internet Explorer while calling it but before it will perform any action following things it will check one-by-one.

1. It checks if any other Internet Explorer page/pages is/are opened or not
2. If already opened more than one, then it will close all keeping one Instance Of Internet Explorer opened.
3. If opened just one then it will simply exit (and your QTP script will use that Opened IE instance for Testing)
4. If it does not find any Internet Explorer opened then It will open one for your script

I hope you all will like this utility.

Please post your experience of using MonitoringIE.

Note: It will work Windows Vista and all Lower version of Windows Operating Systems.

Download It now and Enjoy Automation Scripting!!

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