How to use ReportNG with TestNG for HTML Reporting

ReportNG is Open Source software, free to download and use subject to the terms of the Apache Software Licence, Version 2.0. 

ReportNG is a simple HTML reporting plug-in for the TestNGunit-testing framework. It is intended as a replacement for the default TestNG HTML report. The default report is comprehensive but is not so easy to understand at-a-glance. ReportNG provides a simple, colour-coded view of the test results. 

ReportNG generates 100% valid XHTML 1.0 files. The output can be customised by over-riding the default stylesheet with your own CSS file.

In this article we will learn how to integrate ReportNG with TestNG.

A. Before we start integrating ReportNG you will need three libraries as follows.

  1. reportng-1.1.4.jar
  2. velocity-dep-1.4.jar
  3. guice-3.0.jar
You have two options -
  1. Either download above three libraries and add manually to your class-path (in your eclipse or whatever IDE you will be using for your testing).
  2. Or add dependencies in Maven "pom.xml" file as shown below and build the project. I am not going to explain how maven works... I am assuming that whoever will be using 2nd option would know maven (this is the recommend option).

How to disable Auto save forms in Microsoft's Dynamics CRM 2013?

Q. How to disable Auto save forms in Microsoft's Dynamics CRM 2013?

Recently we have upgraded from Microsoft Dynamics CRM from 2011 to 2013 and first think that I have observed (apart from it's GUI redesign) about the form is, auto save functionality got added in 2013 DCRM and I didn't like it because it unnecessary saves the half filled form which intern makes unnecessary API calls to all other systems (if it is integrated with any other 3rd party or any other product module using Soap) which are going to fail as all the details present on the form is not complete.

I think many of you have also faced similar problem and also must have tried disabling it. Disabling Auto save is very simple.

1. Navigate to "Settings" menu from main "Microsoft Dynamics CRM" menu as shown in below screenshot.

2. Now click on "Administrator" sub menu present under "Settings" menu as shown in below screenshot.

Add Google search box to Navigation / Menu or at Page Widget in Blogger

I think everyone who wants to customize their blogs or want to design their blog templates, this tutorial would be helpful. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to add custom search box in Navigation / Menu Bar of your blogger template or at Page Widget as shown in below image.
1. First of all you need Custom Search Code/script similar to google search as shown below which you will get it from AdSense account. If you don't have adsense account, don't worry still you can add Google Custom search box. When you copy Search Box Code from your AdSense account, it will look like below.

As I mentioned before, those who don't have AdSense account can simply remove highlighted line and use it as it is in your blog.
2. Once you have custom search box script/code. Next task is to edit Blog Template. Before you make any changes to your original template, it is recommended to take backup of your template. (To Backup existing Template: Go to your Blog "Settings" > "Other" > Under Blog tools select "Import Blog").

3. Now go to "Settings" > "Template" and Click on "Edit HTML" button.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Error: Sandbox Host - Access Denied.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Error: Sandbox Host - Access Denied.

Have you guys got this error in Event Viewer of Microsoft Dynamics CRM server anytime while accessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM or while performing operations on DCRM?

I recently got this error when I was trying to perform some operation and could not able to complete that operation. That was because the user I was logged into DCRM didn't have logon permission in the Local Security Policy.

Here are the steps which you have to follow to resolve the issue.

  • In "Local Security Policies" added your DCRM user () under "Log-on as service".
  • From elevated command prompt execute following command: "SETSPN -a MSCRMSandboxService/ \" (the required SPN was not present earlier)
  • Reset CRMAppPool Application pool to restart the DCRM web-services.
  • Changed the "Log On As" for "Microsoft Dynamic CRM Sandbox Processing Service" to “\”  (It should not be "Network Service". I guess by default it is Network Service).
  • Re-start the service
  • Add  in web.config of CRM Web Site.. this is to get more details about the problem if this is still continuing.
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Not able to download/open large size files from sharepoint (Sharepoint download Interrupted)?

I am not sure if you guys have ever experienced or currently experiencing problem downloading large files from SharePoint. Recently I faced same problem and found one simple solution to this problem.

Please follow simple steps on your computer to resolve this issue.
1. Open a Command prompt window as Administrator on a computer where you are trying to download large files from SharePoint.

2. Type and run following command.

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disable

3. Now try the downloading same large file again. Now you should be able to download/open file successfully.

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