QTP Utility To Monitor IE (Internet Explorer)

When you guys run any QTP Test script for any Web Application and what if you forgot to configure "Run Settings" of QTP (Quick Test Professional) shown in the below screen shot.

When we set this above option, it will open new Internet Explorer for your test script with specified URL Page and also we do specify "about:blank" if we just want to open IE with blank page at the start of test.

But now what if you forgot to specify this setting in your each QTP Scripts?

It happens many times with me and my friends with few automated QTP scripts when we have deadlines to complete Automation scripts. This is normal but when we run all those scripts in a batch mode, at the end of the Test Batch run we observed some of the failures due to "Internet Explorer Page didn't Open at the start of the Script". So we have to rerun those all failed scripts again which consume some time for running and analyzing the QTP script results.

To Solve this problem I have developed one small utility  Called MonitoringIE and this is how it looks like when we run it.

Updated version Coming Soon for Download | With New Feature (Inbuilt search) Added

New version will be available soon with one more added feature. Now you don't need to go on other two sites for checking Symbols for this Ticker but this Ticker will provide you with inbuilt search. I think you all going to like it.

Have a look at the Ticker below.. How it will look like when Search feature will be added in it.

You will have to Put company Name in the Textfield where "ENTER COMPANY NAME" Text field avilable and click non "Find Symbol" Button.

Now here by single text search, this ticker will find out all the matching Companies and their Symbols from "Google finance" and "ICICI Direct" site.

You can see in the below image how your search result window will look like. It will be with Two tabs, one for Google finance search Result and anoter is with ICICI Direct search result.

Tiger's Real Time Desktop Stock Ticker Pro 3.0

Many people like you must be looking for a Good Desktop widgets which can help them in their daily life. I am one of them. I do Stock trading everyday and for me keeping an eye on those stock is very important and I think for others who do trading everyday would also be interested to get the widget that can fulfill their need.

I tried searching on Google for a Good and small Desktop Stock widget which can be used to view any Stock Quote now whether that it a Indian or American or any other company stock listed in their different Stock Exchanges - I found few of them but all with some limitation.. Like one support only stocks which are listed in NSE/BSE/NASDQ. I didn't find any Ticker which can be use to view such a stocks listed in different - different stock exchanges.

So then at last, I decided to develop one such s Stock Ticker which can be use to see any Stocks listed anywhere in the world.

Google finance is a site where we can get worlds all stocks information but for that we have to open a site again and again which does not look good when you are seating in the office, and for this we should have a small ticker which can give you all minimal information about the Stocks.

I have tried my best to implement this Ticker.

From below two websites you can get the Live Stock Quote updated.
- ICICI Direct (this can be use for NSE/BSE India Exchange)
- Google Finance (this can be use for any Stock Exchange)
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