How to take entire oracle db schema backup

Q. How to take entire oracle schema backup in UNIX using terminal?

There are very few simple steps to take entire db schema backup.

1. Create one physical directory in your Unix node where you want to take backup.
mkdir /tmp/my_backup_dir
Give read/write/execute permission to this directory.
chmod 777  my_backup_dir
2. Now map this physical directory to one logical directory of oracle. For this step you have to login to the sqlplus terminal with DB admin access.
CREATE OR REPLACE DIRECTORY logical_dir as '/tmp/my_backup_dir'; 

How to send mail in VB .net using System.Net.Mail (SMTP)

In .net we have special namespace called System.Net.Mail. It contains classes used to send electronic mail to a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server for delivery.

There are three main classes under this namespace.
MailMessage: This class represents the content of a mail message.
SmtpClient: This helps us to transmit emails to the SMTP host (Server) that we specify
Attachment: We all know what is attachment is, this class helps us to create mail attachments.

There are many methods and properties under these three classes.
If you want to know more about it then Click here.

In below post, I will be explaining you a simple and basic methods which we can use to send mails. Of-course later on if you want you can add some more advanced features to it.

1. We have to import below namespace first.

2. Create an object of SmtpClient class

Tiger's Desktop Stock Ticker Pro 6.0

I have developed one more version of Stock Ticker where you can view more than one stocks details at the same time on same window.

It's main window looks like below when it is not started.

It has following menus.

In this Ticker you can view as many stocks information as you want. There is no restriction at all.

You can save your stock symbols as a file and later you can open the same which will save you to remember the Stock Symbol or to save you for searching them again.
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