Tiger's Real Time Desktop Stock Ticker Pro 3.0

Many people like you must be looking for a Good Desktop widgets which can help them in their daily life. I am one of them. I do Stock trading everyday and for me keeping an eye on those stock is very important and I think for others who do trading everyday would also be interested to get the widget that can fulfill their need.

I tried searching on Google for a Good and small Desktop Stock widget which can be used to view any Stock Quote now whether that it a Indian or American or any other company stock listed in their different Stock Exchanges - I found few of them but all with some limitation.. Like one support only stocks which are listed in NSE/BSE/NASDQ. I didn't find any Ticker which can be use to view such a stocks listed in different - different stock exchanges.

So then at last, I decided to develop one such s Stock Ticker which can be use to see any Stocks listed anywhere in the world.

Google finance is a site where we can get worlds all stocks information but for that we have to open a site again and again which does not look good when you are seating in the office, and for this we should have a small ticker which can give you all minimal information about the Stocks.

I have tried my best to implement this Ticker.

From below two websites you can get the Live Stock Quote updated.
- ICICI Direct (this can be use for NSE/BSE India Exchange)
- Google Finance (this can be use for any Stock Exchange)

Tiger's Desktop Stock Ticker Pro 3.0 Main & History Window.

Stock Quote (Detailed/Summary) Windows

This is the Second release of the Tiger's Desktop Stock Ticker, and to know more about the first release Click Here.

There are some Improvements in this Release, lists of new features implemented are…
1. Show History/Delete History

2. Few more stock information (Day High, Day Low, Day Open & Previous Day Close ) are added on the Stock Info window

3. Detailed Window is also Added with the Summary small Stock Quote window

4. Navigation is also improved compare to the First release (in previous version 2.0 we could not able to move the Stock Quote Window on the other side of the Desktop and only Up and Down movement was allowed but now you can move that Both detailed and small window anywhere on the Desktop).

5. When you run more than one Instance to keep an Eye on more the one Stock then it automatically determines the position next to the last window opened (this may not work some time, in a process of improving it).

Key Shortcuts for Summary Stock Quote Window:
Up Arrow

Move Up
Down Arrow

Move Down
Left Arrow

Move Right to the Desktop
Right Arrow

Move Left to the Desktop
Page Up

Increase Opacity
Page Down

Decrease Opacity


Open Detailed Stock Quote window

Minimize The Stock Quote Window

Pause Stock Quote Window for getting Live Updates

Start getting Live Updates
*These Key Shortcuts apply to only Summary Stock Quote Window

Trial Version of this  Tiger's Desktop Stock Ticker Pro 3.0 is available for evaluation purpose. You will be getting very limited features in Trial version.

To download Trial Version of this Tiger's Desktop Stock Ticker Pro 3.0

Windows XP / Any Previous OS: Download
Windows Vista / Windows 7: Download

You can still download older version Tiger's Desktop Stock Ticker 2.0 from Here. For any query / to purchase Full version you can please contact - Digitaliiinnovation@Gmail.com

Have a happy earning!!

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