How to run Command prompt always as Administrator in Windows

Q. How to run Command prompt always as Administrator in Windows?

Recently while working on one of the assignment on Windows server, I used to run command prompt always as Administrator. Every time I was following same old steps (i.e. Right click on command prompt short cut, then select "Run as Administrator" option). I didn't like it and then decided to find better option.

I tried couple of options and found one solution. Using it now whenever I run command prompt on my server it always runs as Administrator.

There might be many other options or solution to solve this problem but I found this one very simple and effective.

Steps to run Command Prompt always as Administrator are as follow:

1. Right click on the Command prompt shortcut and select "Properties" from the menu.

2. Go to "Shortcut Tab and click on "Advanced..." button

Fingerprint Logon for Domain Users

Q. How to enable Fingerprint reader for Domain Users?

Today I enabled Fingerprint Reader for my Lenovo T430s laptop, after enrolling my fingers for the logon when I tried login to my laptop using one of my enrolled finger, It didn't work.. and I got below error message.

Error message dialog box:
Error message clearly says that for Domain Users we have to enable configuration in Biometric Device, and for that please follow below instruction.

1. Go to Control panel of your windows OS, and double click on "Biometric Devices" as shown in below screenshot.
2. Click on "Change biometric settings" link which is on the left side of the windows (shown in below screenshot).

Turn on or off drag-and-drop editing

Q. Why I can not drag cell contents in Excel sheet?

I have come across with similar problem many times in the past and for some reason I can't remember how to solve this problem. This time when I was working on data creation using Excel, the same problem occurs.

I tried searching on the web but didn't find even a single site where there is a reason mentioned clearly about why all of a sudden this happens.

Why this option gets disabled automatically in excel sheet ? Anyone of you know the reason this WHY then please share it...!

Current key (KeyType : CrmWRPCTokenKey) is expired. This can indicate that a key is not being regenerated correctly.

When we try to access any of the available DCRM organization on DCRM 2011, and if you see any of the below errors indicate that a key is not being regenerated correctly.  

Error message in Event Logs: Current key (KeyType : CrmWRPCTokenKey) is expired. This can indicate that a key is not being regenerated correctly.  

Error message while accessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM GUI:

How to Enable Hibernate option in Windows 8

Well, windows 8 boots so fast that we don't need Hibernate option but yes when you want to keep your all files opened while you are working so you can resume your work when you login next time then yes you need Hibernate option. 

I think Hibernate option doesn't come by default with Windows 8, and we will have to enable it manually. This is the same question everyone new Windows 8 user has, I was one of them and so including this steps for everyone who will be and who want to use Windows 8 with Hibernate option enabled.

1. Go to Power Options page as shown below. 

How to Hide Any Open Application Window during the Automation?

Q. How to hide Application Window during the automation?

During the development of my one of the projects I wanted to hide Firefox web browser window.

I was using HtmlUnitDriver to automate something but using it we cannot hide any web browser window, i did some research and some across one very good tool called AutoIt , It has all the capability to handle windows.

We can perform all kinds of operations using AutoIt.

Let me tell you how we can implement utility which can help us to Hide and again show any application window. Please follow below steps one by one.

1. You have to first install AutoIt, it is free. download from here

2. Open the Editor and write below code for Hiding any window.

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