Turn on or off drag-and-drop editing

Q. Why I can not drag cell contents in Excel sheet?

I have come across with similar problem many times in the past and for some reason I can't remember how to solve this problem. This time when I was working on data creation using Excel, the same problem occurs.

I tried searching on the web but didn't find even a single site where there is a reason mentioned clearly about why all of a sudden this happens.

Why this option gets disabled automatically in excel sheet ? Anyone of you know the reason this WHY then please share it...!

Let's come to the main topic. How to solve this problem?

If you have Office >= 20then goes go to "File" tab the Excel sheet.

Select "Options" tab from left bar.
One dialog box will popup. Goto "Advanced" tab present on that dialog box and select "Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop" checlbox as shown in below screenshot.
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